Community Involvement

At Major Concrete our goal and heart is to support the local community including the following great organizations...




Miriam's Basket   is an amazing organization that provides clothing and shoes to children in Northeast Florida who have been victims of abuse, neglect, or personal tragedy. Please consider joining them and supporting their efforts!

Clay County Women's Club (Village Improvement Assn)  in downtown Green Cove Springs.

"What A Woman’s Club Can Be
A place where kindly thought is cherished.
Where high ideals are fed and nourished.
Where charity in all its beauty.
Is felt to be sacred duty.
Where peace and harmony abound
And where members meet on common ground."

Seamark Ranch has transcended the group home environment and has developed a healthy family culture. Boys’ and Girls’ homes are structured as a two-parent setting where the children receive the love, nurture, discipline and consistency every child deserves.

Major Concrete has donated a slab to support Seamark's great contribution to the community.

4-H began as a simultaneous response to needs throughout the country, rather than as the idea of one individual. The goal of the program was to extend agricultural education to rural youth by organizing boys and girls clubs and through “learning by doing.”


Florida Cattlemen's Association Florida’s cattle industry is one of the 15 largest in the United States. Centered around birthing and raising calves without much of the concerns that come with the beef processing part of the system, Florida’s cattlemen are dedicated to the preservation of Florida’s green ranch land.


Clay County Club supports a community outreach program whose primary goal is to restore and improve the quality of life of local individuals and families.

Northeast Florida Builders Association Backed by our 70-year-history of networking, community outreach and industry development, NEFBA’s primary goal is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Northeast Florida.


Natural Resource Stewardship

The Major Concrete Team is largely composed of avid Sportsmen and Conservationists. We are committed to the faithful stewardship of the natural resources trusted to us.



At Major Concrete, safety is our number one priority. Ensuring the safety of our employees, communities and the environment is our most important duty—and everything we do is based on this foundation. Our goal is “zero” workplace injuries and to create an atmosphere of healthy and productive employees through a supportive workplace environment.

At Major Concrete we ask our employees to:

  • Comply with the safety rules and regulations relevant to their work;
  • Intervene to prevent unsafe conditions; and
  • Be “our brother’s keeper” and respect communities in which we work.